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Enjoying Credit Card Without Fear 0

It is common knowledge that in collecting customer credit card debt, banking has always utilize the services of debt collectors. The problem is, how debt collection by debt collectors often deliberately  make customers uncomfortable. As a result of credit card debt that exorbitant interest, not a few credit card holders who feel terrorized or to be the object  of blackmail. Continue Reading >>

Introduction to Inflation and its Impact to Investment 0

What inflation is, what triggers inflation, and what the implications for our investment? The definition of inflation is rising prices of goods and services continuously. The inflation rate expressed as a percent each year. If inflation increases, the value of our money will also shrink. Because, with the same amount of money we are only able to buy products or services in smaller amounts. Continue Reading >>

Economics is the Source of Problems 0

Economic problems will not be solved by the economist. Because the economy is the source of the problem, not the medicine. The term ‘economy’ is not a purely technical term. Economics is an ideology. If you want to be seen in the technical level of the economy is a collection of formulas and axioms, which are equipped with the assumptions, of an ideology, namely the justification and application of usury. Therefore whatever adjective is placed behind the economic terms, such as the capitalist economy, socialist economics, economy, not change any basic substance: the application of usury in life. Continue Reading >>

Social Security Benefits Eligibility 0

Many Americans think of Social Security only as the card number we must remember, to collect the monthly checks we’ll get after we retire. But the Social Security Administration offers much more than just retirement benefits, and you don’t have to wait until you retire to collect them if you qualify.If you are like most people, you’ll pay Social Security taxes throughout your career. But when can you begin to benefit from Social Security? Continue Reading >>

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